Why You Shouldn’t Put Your Bath Mat In The Washing Machine


Among those folks who will almost certainly toss almost anything in the washing machine is me You name it: clothes, towels, bedding, dog beds, you know everything goes in the washers. Even if I have been fortunate up to now, I believe it is wise to be a bit more cautious regarding the washing of some goods. This also covers the several bath mats our house has.

A bath mat serves primarily as a water absorption tool. That they can store so much water is not unexpected then. Bath mats should thus be kept out of your washing machine. Their great weight when sopping wet from the large amounts of water they absorb might cause harm to the interior of your washing machine.

Family Handyman claims that any heavy, water-logged object you toss in your washing machine—bath mats, duvets, comforters, sleeping bags, dog beds—can damage the drain motor and spin basket bearing of your washing machine. These are quite expensive repairs; should your washing machine be overly damaged, you could even have to buy a new one.