Use this method to defrost the freezer in under 5 minutes.

Third, know how to clean the seals
When it comes to mold in freezers, the seals are the most vulnerable areas. Olive oil may be used to clean this area. To apply the oil, just massage it into the surface. Water, baking soda, and white wine vinegar is another viable option.

The freezer must be defrosted now.

How can I thaw my freezer? Follow these steps!
There are two quick and inexpensive ways to do this.

The hot water process
In order to use this technique, you will need to fill a bowl with warm water and then set it in the freezer. Naturally, the ice may be melted by the water's heat to prevent the equipment from being damaged. Nothing will go wrong if you use this really simple procedure.

Method using a kitchen spatula
This technique, however, calls either a plastic or silicone spatula for the kitchen. The ice cream may even be easily scraped from the freezer walls with this spatula. To avoid breaking the equipment, this step must be executed with the utmost care.

All you need is a towel to dry the freezer when you've done using your preferred approach, and then you can go on to cleaning. A solution of vinegar and water will do the trick for a thorough cleaning. Clearly, you should utilize the two items in tandem.

The freezer can be defrosted with ease now.

Responsible cleaning.