Three ingredients will be sufficient to clean and shine pans that have been scorched on the exterior.

Methods for polishing and cleaning the outside of burned pans
If you are among those who take pleasure in cooking, you have undoubtedly burned a pan at some time. Even though this accident might be annoying, there are easy fixes that will enable you to restore the aesthetic appeal of your kitchen tools. This post will demonstrate how to use only three, most likely already-found-in-your-home items to clean and polish burned-on cookware.

Method for cleaning pans with external burns
You'll need a burned pan and the following supplies to get started:

Bicarbonate of sodium
Warm water Boils soap
The first thing you should do is dust the burned pan surface with baking soda. After that, keep adding hot water until the whole impacted region is covered. For the combination to work, leave it on for at least thirty minutes.