The Reason Behind Not Boiling Mashed Potatoes in Water

My kids, in particular, have a soft spot in their hearts for mashed potatoes; they ask for it on a near-daily basis. I cook mashed potatoes at least once a week despite my best efforts to increase their intake of veggies and greens. It may come as a surprise, but my husband and I both really like this popular meal.

I was looking through TikTok and Instagram for recipes when I came across a suggestion from a user called Jourdyn (@jeauxp) for an unusual ingredient: chicken stock. This unexpected inclusion piqued my interest, so I set out to investigate its possibilities.

The odd first step of Jourdyn's approach is to keep the potato skins on. She peels, washes, and oils the skins before boiling them in chicken stock and water. I wanted to try her method as it was different from the usual formula.