The Meaning Behind License Plates with a Gold Star


The Establishing of American Gold Star Mothers, Inc.
25 moms arrived in Washington, D.C., ten years later, in 1928, to formally form American Gold Star moms, Inc. These moms and many more families replaced the blue-starred service flags with gold stars. The gold stars stood for the sacrifices their departed loved ones made.

Mother's Day for Gold Star Mothers
Congress established the final Sunday of September as "Gold Star Mother's Day," a celebration of and remembrance for the moms who had lost sons and daughters serving their nation. This day provides evidence of the ongoing influence of the blue and gold star programs.

Requesting a Gold Star
State-by-state variations exist on how one could apply for a Gold Star on a license plate. Certain states let grandkids petition for a Gold Star distinction in addition to parents, spouses, and siblings. Some states, meanwhile, only qualify spouses, siblings, parents, and children for this honor. To apply for a Gold Star, be sure you review the particular criteria and policies in your state.

The narrative of the Gold Star and its origins from the Blue Star program reveals the great respect we have for the commitment and morality of our departed service men. The ones who ensure we never forget the sacrifices their loved ones made—the Gold Star Mothers are the ones carrying on this legacy.