The couple, after sharing a photo of their 10th anniversary online, received an overwhelming number of concerned calls.

But Sienna wasn't content. She requested Thomas's inspection of the residence as a precautionary measure since she recalled hearing a sound just before the picture was shot.


Even though Thomas did it, nobody was around. Love, unwind. "It's me," he said, his laughter palpable. "That picture is irrelevant. Do you recall that we have lunch reservations?"

As they made their way to the vehicle, Sienna was on the verge of getting inside when she saw the same unsettling face on the glass. She was too terrified to speak anything, however. Screaming, she spun around to face the direction she had come from, but no one had followed.

On that particular night, an eerie noise startled her. Someone had to be inside the home immediately. After she roused Thomas, he verified that sounds were coming from the lower level.

He reached for his weapon and phone simultaneously.
"A ghost can't be contacted through 911!" He continued to dial 911 despite Sienna's protests.

They were moving at a snail's pace to the kitchen when they came across an emaciated child who sobbed uncontrollably. His terrified and ravenous expression betrayed his emotional state.

His arrival at their house begs the question: how?

"Come on, it's OK. The words "we won't hurt you" came out of Thomas's mouth lightly.

Would you say you're hungry? Sienna inquired with a kind smile.

Yes, the youngster was hungry, he nodded.

Then tell me your name.

I said, "Nikolai."

Gradually, he broke down his family's history and asked again whether they might be of use to his mother.

Just then, Thomas had summoned the police, and they showed up at their home. The child was so startled that he escaped before they could apprehend him.

Nikolai was sought after by Sienna and Thomas the day after. He was aware that he wouldn't have made it far.
They came upon a derelict Victorian mansion while aimlessly exploring the area.

Upon further investigation, Sienna discovered a barred window and overheard a lady pleading for assistance from inside. In the blink of an eye, she got her phone ready to dial 911. Others joined them not long after.