Save That Peel from the Watermelon! Make a Savory Snack in Its Place

Juicy watermelons, a seasonal favorite due to their refreshing flavor, provide delight in the summertime. However, before you decide to throw away those watermelon peels, remember that you may turn them into a tasty and nutritious snack! What would otherwise be garbage may be made into a delicious dessert with only a tablespoon of baking soda and no extra sugar. Here's how to use watermelon peel to produce a tasty, crunchy snack.

Watermelon peel benefits: Watermelon peels are surprisingly high in nutrients. They include minerals like magnesium and potassium in addition to vitamins like C and B6. Additionally, they contain a lot of dietary fiber, which facilitates digestion and increases feelings of fullness. Making use of the peel not only reduces food waste but also gives you access to these health advantages.

Ingredients: One big watermelon's peel

One spoonful of baking soda

Boiling water

Coconut or olive oil (for frying)

your preferred seasonings (such as chili powder, salt, and pepper)

Steps in Preparation:

Get the Peels Ready:

Peel the watermelon starting with the green outer skin, exposing the white flesh. Make 1-inch-wide strips out of this.

Dipping in Baking Soda

In a large basin of water, dissolve one tablespoon of baking soda. For almost an hour, soak the watermelon peel strips in this mixture. This method aids in removing any bitterness and softening the peels.


The peels should be soaked before being moved to a kettle, filled with new water, and brought to a boil. Once they are tender, reduce the heat and simmer for 15 to 20 minutes.

Fry and Season:

After the peels have boiled, drain and pat dry. In a pan, warm up a good quantity of coconut or olive oil. The strips should be fried until crispy and golden. While still heated, sprinkle with your preferred spices.