Rats, cockroaches, and flies may be kept at bay using an ancient method.

- Balsamic or apple cider vinegar - Dishwashing liquid - A bowl made of glass - Plastic wrap - A toothpick.

Add two to three centimeters of balsamic or apple cider vinegar to the basin. Shake with a few drops of dish soap to dissolve. Nighttime placement of the bowl in the contaminated region will result in a large number of insect corpses the following day. They tend to be more enticed by the night's darkness and cooler temperatures.
Vinegar has an odor that is similar to spoiled fruit, which is why it attracts flies and other insects. They are suffocated by the cleaning solution as they arrive to eat.

Put an old, unpeeled fruit piece in the dish to make a fruit trap. Wrap it securely with cling film. Create several tiny holes in the plastic by using a toothpick. Once inside, fruit flies won't be able to escape the trap.

2 - Use an all-natural spray
Get rid of those pesky pests for good with this easy, chemical-free, and cheap treatment.

All you need is three glasses: one each of vinegar, olive oil, and shampoo.

How to apply:
Shake the three components together in a spray bottle. Just mist various areas of the home with the liquid.

3. A repellant infused with the aromatic lavender oil
After dabbing a little lavender essential oil into a sponge, set it aside in an area where flies congregate, and then wait for it to work. When the odor goes away, do it again.

4-Clove and lemon, a natural insecticide
A lemon, ideally green, sliced in half, with around fifteen cloves inserted into each half, is the aim of this time-honored method. Mosquitoes and flies are naturally repelled by the combination of the two scents. The lemon pulp's color will shift to a brownish shade after a few days. You should do this again every week.

Additional advice for bug hunting
Repellent plants for insects
There are perfumed plants that really keep bugs away. To make a natural screen, just plant some in containers and set them on balcony railings or windowsills.

Mosquito repellent scent with Melissa, lemon thyme, narrow-leaf basil, and Dalmatian pyrethrum

pest control for flies - Chervil chives - Basil root - Wax mint

for cockroaches Bay leaves (sow in areas where cockroaches are common).

Helpful hints: Get rid of everything that might attract insects if you want to stop or reduce their invasion.

After every meal, rinse the dishes and make sure the food is properly sealed in a container. After cleaning the kitchen, remove any crumbs or leftovers. Make sure the trash can is closed and empty it often. Do not let dishwater remain for an extended period of time; keep countertops clean; wipe off any oil from cooking utensils; fix any water leaks right away; clean and clear the air vents on a regular basis; and never obstruct the vents