Put vinegar in the toilet tank: you will solve a big problem

Cleaning the toilet bowl is as easy as using a little patience and a trick: just vinegar

Maintaining a clean and organized bathroom is crucial to your personal hygiene. To naturally disinfect the toilets, just pour a little amount of white vinegar into them. Because cleaning is usually a chore that nobody really wants to do, a lot of people attempt to get by with little effort.

Cleaning isn't something most people like doing, so they usually just attempt to get the job done quickly and efficiently. No matter how much you hate cleaning, it's necessary for personal and public hygiene. This is particularly true in the bathroom. Actually, everyone knows that the toilet is a great place for germs to thrive.

While there are numerous commercial cleaning solutions that include chemicals, one common household item—white wine vinegar—is ideal for keeping toilets clean and sanitary.