One glass of milk becomes whipped cream. Ten Minutes Homemade Recipe without Sugar Needed

Envision turning a plain glass of milk into a delicious foamy whipped cream in only 10 minutes! This handmade recipe is perfect for those who want an alternative to regular whipped cream that is healthier and sugar-free. Let's have a look at an easy and quick way to add a creamy texture to all your fruits, desserts, and more.

component parts
A cup of full-fat milk.

A teaspoon of flavorless gelatin

A teaspoon of vanilla essence, if desired (to taste)

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The proper way to prepare the gelatin is by:

To make the gelatin, combine one tablespoon with two teaspoons of cold water in a small bowl. Wait a few minutes for it to bloom, at which point it will absorb the water and become gelatinous.

2. Lightly simmer the milk.