Not only will this remedy scent your house, but the mosquitoes won't ever come back.

After taking off the lid, place the huge lemon on the level surface. It must also be sliced in half. Next, place the cloves into the pulp, filling up every space on both sides.
Lay the two lemons with the added cloves on the ground. Next, take the candles, cut a little chunk off of them, and place them into the lemon's center. Then, take the bamboo sticks and place four of them on top of each slice of lemon that is available.

The little lemon is now divided into two pieces and put to the framework, seeming to create a cap.

It's time to watch the performance and light the candle. Once the cloves and lemon pulp are cooked, these natural lanterns will release a delightful perfume throughout the home. Furthermore, most insects dislike its fragrance. This implies that the scent they release will cause the mosquitoes to leave in a matter of seconds.