Most People Can’t Spot The Difference Between These, But It’s Really Important

People often fail to notice the finer points, particularly when it comes to commonplace things, in a world where options seem to be unlimited. The conflict between the spice business heavyweight McCormick & Co. and the relative upstart Watkins Inc. is one such situation that has lately gained attention. Their ground pepper tin sizes are the point of controversy.


A Catch-22 for Pepper Tins
The famous spice company McCormick is under fire after allegations surfaced that they cut the amount of pepper in their tins by a whopping 25%. Just to give you an idea, their tins used to carry around 8 ounces of pepper, but now they only held about 6 ounces. Concerned that McCormick may have used a misleading marketing strategy to inflate their pepper sales per tin, Watkins Inc. has sounded the alarm.