Making Your Own Cleaning Paste: Eliminating Grease and Limescale from Your Kitchen and Bathroom

Bathroom limescale and cooking oil are formidable foes in the struggle for a clean home. Occasionally, stains persist despite the use of chemical solutions that promise to eliminate them entirely. However, you may get great results on limescale and grease using an affordable and natural alternative. This miracle cleaning paste can be made with common home goods; I invite you to join me as I demonstrate the process.

The Art of DIY Sponge Making:

This homemade cleaner is effective against limescale on bathroom fixtures as well as grease on kitchen appliances. Obtain the following ingredients to make it:

6 tablespoons of very concentrated dish soap

three tablespoons of powdered bathroom cleaner

30 milliliters of baking soda
One tablespoon of white wine vinegar

Follow these steps: