Making homemade pesticide to eradicate mosquitoes, cockroaches, and flies

Application and preparation: To begin, put the mothballs, liquid detergent or soap, alcohol, and vinegar in a container and stir everything together.
Water is added next, and then the cloves at the end.
We mix it up and give it some time to rest.
Finally, we move it to a spray container, give it one more shake, and apply it to the most vulnerable locations where cockroaches, flies, and mosquitoes are present.
Another suggestion is to start by putting aluminum foil on a plate and then top it with the ground coffee.
It is advised to choose a cold, dry location to produce this DIY approach.
To start burning the coffee residue gently, much as we would with incense, we're going to set it on a table away from kids and animals.
It's even possible to burn the coffee before moving it to a container or other metal item.
When we finally ignite the fire, the smoke will disperse around the space and act as an effective bug deterrent.