Learnt this from my nana and it's still my fave today!

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A classic dish like tapioca pudding has a magical quality about it that makes it transport you back in time to warm summer days spent with loved ones and nights spent snuggled up by the fire. This tapioca pudding in a slow cooker pays homage to traditional dishes from the Midwest that have been handed down through the years. For a decadent dessert that requires little work to make, try using a slow cooker. It's great for people who want to savor the good old days or pass it on to the next generation.
Although it's delicious on its own, tapioca pudding really comes to life when topped with cinnamon or a dollop of whipped cream. To make it really special, serve it warm over some stewed fruit like apples or berries. The acidity and creamy texture go well together. As a delightful complement to a breakfast buffet or a hearty Sunday supper, this pudding is sure to be a hit.

Tapioca Pudding using a Slow Cooker Method 6 Servings