Indeed, baking soda sparkles and cleans tiles. here is how to use it

Over time, high humidity may cause tiles in bathrooms, kitchens, and bathtubs to become less shiny. Although chemical cleaners are an option, natural home remedies are friendlier for the environment and your tiles and may be just as effective. Whether your tile joints are made of cement, sandstone, marble, ceramic, or earthenware, try these five all-natural ways to revitalize them.
Firstly, White Vinegar: The Multifunctional Cleaner

White vinegar is a potent cleaning agent in addition to being used in cooking. Warm up some white vinegar, moisten an old toothbrush with it, and clean the tile joints well. For dazzling effects, rinse with fresh water.
2. Clay Stone: Mother Nature's Cleaner

Clay stone is a fantastic filler for tile joints and is devoid of dangerous chemicals. Simply use a moist sponge soaked in clay to clean the joints, then rinse. You'll be astounded by the change.

3. Meudon White: The Sustainable Option

Meudon white, which is made of calcium carbonate, is essential for green cleaning. To make a paste, combine 100 grams of this fine white powder with water. Apply to the joints, let them an hour to act, then wash and cleanse.

4. Black Soap: The Ultimate in Versatility