I'll explain you the three key reasons why you should never leave a charger in a plug without your phone.

Certain individuals are not used to taking chargers out of sockets after using them to power electronics.

Few individuals are aware of the potential repercussions of this kind of behavior, however.

If you leave the charger in the outlet, what can happen?
The charger has an internal component that uses power even when it is in standby mode. It happens even when the energy use is little.

The charger overheats when it is left connected into an outlet all the time, which speeds up the wear and tear on its internal parts like capacitors.

A abrupt shift in voltage might cause the mains-connected charger to overheat and start to smoke, which can sometimes result in a fire.

Maintaining the safety of your house is also crucial, particularly if you have young children or animals. Electric shock might occur by using a charger that has a cable attached to it in an outlet