I Couldn’t Reach out to My Husband for Days – Then My Mother-in-Law Called Me & Revealed the Shocking Truth

The disappearance of Abbie's husband, who left behind just a mysterious letter, throws her life into disarray. A few days down the road, Abbie gets a devastating phone call from her mother-in-law, who spills the beans on an unbelievable secret. Any news on Matthew?

 silence, with the exception of the refrigerator's subtle hum.

When I looked down at the letter on the kitchen table, my pulse began to quicken.

The message stated, "Don't look for me."

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For a moment, I froze, thinking the message was a cruel prank. This seemed strange, even though Matthew enjoyed pranks. My first instinct was to go for my phone and ring his number, but alas, the call went straight to voicemail.

My voice quivered as I pleaded with Matthew to return my call. I don't find this hilarious.