How to Prevent Oven Door Shattering and Why Do They Happen?

Anybody may find an oven door that has broken to be frightening and hazardous. It may be dangerous for anyone around, and replacing or repairing it can be costly. A user recently posted about having an oven door break in the Homemaking Tips Facebook group. She sought for suggestions on possible causes. We'll go over a few of the potential causes of oven door shattering in this post, along with some preventative measures.

Causes of Broken Oven Doors
1. High temperatures
Heat exposure is one of the most frequent causes of damaged oven doors. The glass in the door may expand when the oven is heated to a high temperature, stressing the door. The glass may break if the tension becomes too high. If the oven door is closed too firmly, keeping hot air inside, this is more likely to happen.

2. Glass with flaws
Inherent glass imperfections may also be the cause of a broken oven door. The glass in the oven door may become weaker and more prone to breaking if it is defective or has tiny fractures. This can be the result of damage sustained during installation or a manufacturing flaw.

3. Impact Injury