How to Make Smothered Green Beans

A Delicious New Take on an Old Favorite: Turns plain green beans into a flavorful meal.
Multitude of uses: Goes well with a variety of main courses, including grilled chicken, roast beef, and pork.
The recipe's easy-to-follow steps and few ingredients make it suitable for novice cooks.
Proven Winner: No one can resist the irresistible trio of green beans, onions, and bacon.
The recipe calls for 1 pound of trimmed fresh green beans and 2 cloves of minced garlic.The recipe calls for 1 cup of chicken stock, or enough to cover the beans. Season with salt and black pepper on an individual basis.The recipe calls for four to six pieces of chopped bacon, two tablespoons of optional butter for extra richness, a teaspoon of optional red pepper flakes for spice, and one medium sliced onion.
Get the green beans ready:
After trimming the ends, rinse the green beans well with cold water. You have the option to chop the beans into smaller bits if you so like.