After using the glass of water technique, you won't notice any flies in your house.

 Unbeknownst to you, lemons are one of the citrus fruits that effectively keeps flies away. Cut one in half and stick a few cloves in the center, and you have a great medicine that you should use as frequently as possible. Then place these lemon slices immediately on the outdoor table where you typically dine, or on the windows. This is the best approach to prevent flies from flying into the surrounding environment. You may also apply a little amount of chopped garlic on the side of the sliding windows or front door to finish this treatment. They won't come any closer since this fragrance makes them anxious.

· Maintain a tidy home
Similar to cockroaches, food leftovers and rubbish seem to attract flies in particular. Having a spotlessly clean interior is, of course, the easiest and most efficient way to prevent fly invasions. Thus, it is essential to clean high-risk locations, empty and sanitize trash cans, steer clear of garbage (including crumbs everywhere!), and make sure that water in the toilets does not stand still. Thus, keep in mind to constantly cover the trash can while it is full with rubbish.

· DIY insect deterrent
Why not make your own inexpensive, eco-friendly, and natural fly repellent at home?

You'll require:

– One-third glass white vinegar

– A half-glass of water

- A vape pen

Well combine all ingredients and transfer to the spray bottle. The fly should only be sprayed when it gets close to you. She becomes irritated when vinegar gets on her paws, and she will leave this unsettling place right immediately.

* Eucalyptus
Lastly, as was already said, eucalyptus is an effective insect repellent that will drive away any flies that may be around. Put some leaves in a jar of water and heat it until the water boils. Not only will the home soon smell very good, but you'll also notice that flies and mosquitoes are slowly leaving your perimeter. Yes, they are quite offended by this fragrance. Winning wager!