A Penny in the Door Handle and What It Means

A Strategic Approach to Focusing on Passengers


The motives of would-be burglars targeting the passenger side of your vehicle may baffle you. The clever solution is that they are aware that your central locking system will not engage correctly if they shove a coin into the door handle. Even if you believe your vehicle is safe, this proves otherwise.


The Sly Plan of Criminals


The crooks take their time. They may be hiding in plain sight, waiting for you to mess with your lock. While you're busy worrying about the lock or running away to obtain assistance, they'll likely wait for the perfect opportunity to strike.


How You Should Proceed


In the event that you ever encounter a stubborn key, keep in mind these procedures to thwart any attempt at theft:


Examine the Passenger Door: Before you go on, make sure that the passenger door handle is clear of anything that might be clogging the lock, such as a coin.


Pay Attention to Your Environment: Keep your wits about you. When you sense something is amiss, it most likely is. Do not be shy about asking for assistance or contacting a companion to accompany you to your vehicle.


Avoid Isolation by Staying in Your Car: Do not return to your vehicle unattended if the door refuses to open. Go to a crowded, well-lit place and ask for assistance there.


In the event that you see any indications of tampering or suspect that someone is attempting to steal your vehicle, it is imperative that you promptly notify the authorities.


Think About Adding Extra Security: Install a steering wheel lock or anti-theft device in your vehicle. You can deter would-be auto thieves by making your vehicle more difficult to steal.


The penny trick is just one of several strategies used by car thieves to foil the plans of naive victims. You can keep these cunning thieves from targeting your car if you stay vigilant and recognize the telltale symptoms of tampering. Maintain composure and take appropriate action the next time you find a penny stuck in your vehicle's door handle.