12 Clever Ways to Prevent Rats and Mice from Entering Your House

Ground Clove Repellent: Ground cloves have a strong scent that might work as a repellent. Keep it close to points of entrance and change it every several days.

Use dryer sheets to create a barrier around any locations where rodent activity is occurring. Mice and rats are turned off by their pungent odor.

Help for Felines: Take into account getting a cat. A cat will not only aggressively pursue these pests, but its very presence and odor will automatically discourage them from coming inside.

How to Get Rid of a Dead Mouse:

Never handle a dead rodent without gloves on. Sealable bags should be used to double-bag the rodent before throwing it in your outdoor garbage container. This guarantees clean and safe disposal.

You may get rid of unwanted rodent guests from your house by putting these techniques into practice. Recall that the secret to good control is to use a variety of techniques and consistency.