You better be familiar with its meaning if you see a dryer sheet in your mailbox.

This, however, is quite acceptable It's someone's job to regularly engage with those mails, so it wouldn't be an issue. The postal carrier detailed their experience of being stung several times while delivering mail since they often encounter mailboxes that are really wasp nests in their Reddit post.

So, this is just a risk you have to take on the job, right? That being said, it is by no means required to be.

It turns out that a simple household item—a scented dryer sheet—can be used as a clever hack to deter wasps!

No wasp would ever claim a mailbox as their own because to the dryer sheet's repellent smell.

Consequently, I will tell you what to do without further ado:

step one: choose a dryer sheet with a smell. Scent is important, so choose one with a strong aroma if you can.

2) Secure the sheet to the interior of your mailbox using tape.

Third, you should change the dryer sheet every so often to keep the fragrance from fading too much.


Image source: Shutterstock
I hope that was clear! In the hopes of assisting our dedicated postal carriers this summer, please share this article with anybody you think would find it useful.