We carry on Nana's tradition of making this often. How delightful and invigorating! We brew a large quantity and consume it over the course of several weeks!

1. Combine the sugar and fresh lemon juice in a big pitcher and whisk to dissolve.
Second, combine the lemon sugar and pineapple juice by whisking the two together.
3. Fill the pitcher with ginger ale just before serving.
4. Gently toss in the pineapple pieces to combine.
5. For an attractive and refreshing appearance, serve with ice and top with mint leaves.

Changes and Hints
To make it more tropical or adult-only, just add a dash of coconut water or rum, depending on your preference. You may easily switch sparkling water for ginger ale if you like the flavor. Coconut sugar, for example, may give the punch a richer, caramel-like sweetness if you want to experiment with it.