Superb! We like to call this dish 'Queen of the Slow Cooker' as you feel like royalty eating it

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Let me just say that nothing says cozy like a pot of Chicken a la King, particularly when you can watch it simmer away to perfection while you go about your hectic day.
Famous since the early 20th century, Chicken a la King brings back fond memories of Sunday evenings spent with grandparents, but with the convenience of today's slow cookers, it's a snap to whip up! Creamy and hearty, it will fill your home with the aroma of love, I promise. My Slow Cooker Chicken a la King is perfect for when you want to wow guests with little work or when you simply want a bowl of comfort food. Easy enough to use for batch cooking or feeding a large group.

You could get creative with this; I like to spoon it over mashed potatoes or fluffy white rice. A bed of steamed broccoli or cauliflower rice also works well, or egg noodles if you're trying to keep things light. Also, to add some greens, why not have a side of buttery peas or a salad with crisp lettuce? Fairness, would you agree?
Chicken Confit "Queen of the Slow Cooker"