Piquant Tart with Peppermint

This dessert is very delightful. Making it brings back a flood of memories; it's easy enough for a small gathering or enough for a large one. The one catch is that, obviously, you like the characteristic flavor combination of mint and chocolate. It's like coriander: it has strong opinions.

After the heavy cream has whipped to soft peaks, add the caramel treat and whisk again. After that, break up some peppermint crisp chocolate and stir it in. Then, begin stacking. We had a family braai scheduled to celebrate South Africa's victory in the World Cup Rugby final, so I prepared a big batch of this dish (which serves 12 people), but you could simply cut the ingredients in half and make a smaller batch (which serves 6 people).

Before you start stacking, put out a little amount of the caramel-chocolate cream. Spread half of the leftover caramel-chocolate cream evenly over the first layer of biscuits. Before finishing with the caramel-chocolate cream, add another layer of cookies. Because you want the biscuits to be soft when served, sprinkle chopped peppermint chocolate on top and let it cool in the fridge overnight.
What You Need: