Mom says she'll be OK and leaves "baby" in the vehicle to go shopping at Target.

With the message "Please no judgment," the influencer posted a video on Instagram. He has peace of mind and is well.
Her partner is seen casually snacking on popcorn as they wait inside the vehicle.

Thankfully, some commenters thought Bonnie's video was funny.

"My heart dropped and then I LMAO," one writer commented.

Someone another added, "It's much easier to just leave them in the car."

I almost lost it for one instant there... "I was also surprised by that," a third individual said.

Several of Engels' postings are reportedly humorous and perfect for moms who can relate to the struggles of being a parent on a daily basis.

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There was definitely some amusement in this video, but please remember that it is very dangerous to leave children (or pets) in hot automobiles at any time.

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