Lemon Curd Pound Cake

My neighbor has been generously providing me with an abundance of Meyer lemons, so I apologize if I have featured too many dishes including lemons. The idea for this cake originated from some extra lemon curd that I had. Topped with tangy lemon curd, this buttery pound cake is rich and buttery with toasted almonds for a satisfying crunch. Toss the cake batter with the lemon curd and bake. A mug of strong coffee is the perfect accompaniment to this dessert. If you'd want a larger cake, you'll need to double the recipe since it only makes a little cake.

Things needed:

butter, 113 grams
sugar, half a cup
One cup of flour
One-third cup of almond flour
a teaspoon of baking soda
1/4 teaspoon of salt Two big eggs
Use two tablespoons of sour cream.
1/2 cup of lemon curd
1/3 cup of almonds, sliced
teaspoon of lemon zest