Julia Roberts: Embracing her well-deserved vacation

No matter how much time passes after the debut of the iconic film that captured the hearts of millions, the stunning Julia Roberts will forever be the Pretty Woman we all adore.

The 56-year-old actress makes a youthful impression, regardless of how others see her. For starters, she's cool with her appearance and supports the idea of natural aging.

A much-deserved vacation has been captured on camera by the beloved Hollywood icon recently.

The saying "beauty comes in all shapes and sizes" seems so fitting for Roberts, even if she has gained weight, as many have pointed out.

That Roberts isn't ashamed to wear a bikini even if she's a little overweight is one of the many reasons why she's beloved by everybody.

Of course, reactions to Robert's latest photos are all over the map. Others believe she looks great for her age (or any age, really), while others say she's changed.

Her devoted fans are a constant reminder that inner beauty is just as important as physical beauty.