I prepared this for a game night, and folks couldn't believe it took just 3 ingredients

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Delicious Slow Cooker Chicken Wings Made with Just Three Ingredients! The taste and simplicity of this meal are just right. Tender, juicy, and absolutely mouth-watering, these succulent chicken wings are cooked to perfection over a moderate heat. Even though chicken wings have their roots in the Buffalo area of New York, this recipe takes a different tack by providing a simple way that ensures great flavor with little work.
What is the recipe's secret ingredient? Diet Coke!
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Because of the phosphoric acid it contains, Coca-Cola helps to tenderize the meat in this BBQ chicken wing dish, giving it a juicy texture. The caramelization of Coke's inherent sugars as it cooks imparts a subtle sweetness that harmonizes well with the barbecue sauce.
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