Especially for lunch or dinner: delicious and super easy to prepare

With the correct supplies and a straightforward recipe, making a memorable lunch or supper can be an easy and satisfying task.
Here I am presenting a dish that is tailor-made for this occasion. Make this hearty meal and surprise your loved ones by following the instructions below.
What You Need:
Approximately 175 milliliters of boiling water
One teaspoon of salt
Grain: 350 grams
About twenty milliliters of vegetable oil
Half a bunch of onions
Chop your own greens
Two hundred and fifty grams of minced beef
Add seasonings and salt to taste.
Steaming water: 30 milliliters
Getting Ready
To a pot of boiling water, add the salt. Thoroughly combine until all of the salt has dissolved.
Combine the flour with the salted water and begin to knead until a dough that is both soft and elastic is achieved. as you find that the dough is clinging to your hands, add more flour as needed.
While kneading, gradually incorporate the vegetable oil into the dough. For a more solid dough, set it to rest for 20 minutes.
At the same time, carefully cut the chosen greens and slice the onions.