Elvis Presley Sheet Cake

The Elvis Presley Sheet Cake is one of the most famous and well-loved desserts of all time. In honor of the illustrious rock and roll icon, this delicious cake takes traditional ingredients and adds a tropical twist for a treat befitting a king. Here we will investigate where the Elvis Presley Sheet Cake came from, examine its components and techniques of preparation, and provide advice on how to whip up this irresistible delicacy in your own kitchen.

Baking mixes: What You Need: Amount of Ingredient
Cake mix with yellow hue One 3-oz package of regular vanilla pudding (not sugar-free) One can of eggs 4 quarts of oil Half a cup of milk (16 ounces, undrained) of crushed pineapple, measuring 1 cup sugar, one can One cup of frosting What you need:
Quantity of Ingredient
Cheese cream (at room temperature to soften) one 8-oz. container
Grated butter (unsoftened) confectioner's sugar, 1/2 cup 3 tablespoons
Pecans, chopped (if desired) Half a cup of vanilla essence, if desired one teaspoon