A woman crept beneath the bed to spy on her husband


This tale has been around for a long, and it originates from Reddit. It's very fantastic. See it down below.

A lady decided to leave a message stating, "I've had enough and have left you," since she was irritated because her husband was late returning home again. There's no need in pursuing me.

Afterwards, she hid beneath the bed to see his response.

Shortly after that, her husband returns home; she could hear him making preparations in the kitchen before he entered the bedroom.

He walked over to the dresser and took the note from there, as far as she could see.

He gave it a few minutes of his attention, then jotted down some notes before grabbing the phone to make a call.

Finally, she's gone...Yes, I am aware that it is about time for me to visit you. Please, put on that alluring French nightgown.

I adore you...looking forward to seeing you...We're going to do any dirty thing you want.

Then he got down, took his keys, and walked away.