Throw a roast into the slow cooker. The next 2 ingredients are sure to impress

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All of us know and enjoy pot roast. Whether it's a birthday celebration, Christmas dinner, or just a Tuesday night after work, we always have it. No matter the occasion, this meal is sure to satisfy. The pot roast is more than simply a recipe to most people. The very phrases conjure up images of enjoying it when cooking it with loved ones or eating it fresh from the oven.
The pot roast can be prepared in a variety of ways. Season the roast with the packets and place it in the slow cooker; that's it! It's that easy to prepare. The following recipe is an updated version of this one with some added flair. Despite the additional time required to prepare the crust, it is still quite easy to assemble.

To create a stunning crust for the roast, we harness the enchantment of sun-dried tomatoes and mix them with Parmesan cheese. This pot roast will wow anybody you serve it to thanks to the combination of garlic and fresh rosemary. The sauce and liquids that collect in the slow cooker are the key, as they are in many pot roast recipes.
Roasted tomatoes with parmesan cheese

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