Sauté the pork chops in a slow cooker with these three seasonings until they are tender and juicy.

- Single packet of ranch dressing

- One can of the condensed cream of chicken. Cream of mushroom is another potential alternative.

Step one in getting ready is to wash and place four pork chops in a slow cooker.

The second step is to include a can of chicken soup.

One more thing: you'll need to add the same quantity of water to the slow cooker. Simply fill up the same can with water.

3. Combine with a package of ranch dressing mix purchased from a shop. You are under no obligation to include the entire package.

The mixture will be reduced in volume while cooking, even if it appears excessive.

4. Reduce heat to low and simmer pork chops for at least six hours.

5. After they're done, remove them from the slow cooker using tongs or a spatula.

6. Accompany with potatoes and opt for your preferred greens.