Recipe for Rich, Traditional Fudge

Make a Fizz: Stir often while it cooks over medium heat. The mixture has to be brought to a boil and let to cook for around three to four minutes. Maintaining the uniformity of a soft ball stage is your goal. A small bit of the combination dropped into cold water is an excellent way to check this. You can tell it's ready when it forms a soft ball.
Essence of Vanilla: Add the teaspoon of vanilla extract when the heat is removed. Doing this will take your fudge to an all new sweet level!
If you enjoy nuts in your fudge, you may add them now. In contrast to the smooth fudge, their crunchiness is delicious.
The Art of Setting and Forgetting: Then, using a spatula, transfer the mixture to the pan you've been prepping. Give it a few hours to cool. Put off tasting it until the next day for optimal effects.
Final Step: After the fudge has hardened completely, use the parchment paper to pull it out and arrange it on a cutting board. Cut it into squares with a sharp knife and savor the finished product!