It has become more simpler. My husband just can't put this food down! Very few ingredients!

What You Need: - 1 pound of ground beef - 4 big potatoes, thinly sliced - 1 can of condensed cream of mushroom soup (10.75 oz) - 1/2 cup of milk
1-cup cheddar cheese that has been shredded
Optional: season with salt and pepper.
Set the oven temperature to 350°F, or 175°C. Coat a 9x13-inch baking dish with a thin layer of oil.
Ground beef should be cooked until it is browned and crumbled in a pan over medium heat. Before seasoning the meat with salt and pepper, drain off any extra fat.
3. In a greased baking dish, spread down a layer of thinly sliced potatoes. After the ground beef has cooked, distribute it equally over the potatoes.
Step 4: Combine the milk and condensed cream of mushroom soup in a medium bowl. Whisk until smooth. After layering the meat, pour this mixture on top.
5. Preheat the oven and bake for one hour.
6. After removing the casserole from the oven, crumble some cheddar cheese and top it with it. To make sure the cheese melts and bubbles, bake it for another 15 minutes.

7. For simpler serving, let the casserole rest for 5 minutes before removing from the pan. My 5-Ingredient Hamburger and Potato Casserole is waiting for you to savor it.