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Amish Hamburger Steaks, ensconced in a web of heritage and good flavor, are emblematic of the distinct allure of Amish cooking. The utilization of healthy, locally sourced products cooked using traditional methods is central to the Amish diet and cooking style, and this meal is a representation of that. Its rich taste and juicy flesh have won it a permanent spot in family recipes and hearts throughout the years. This recipe stands out because it adds a modern spin to an old favorite.
Traditional and time-honored cooking methods of the Amish community in the US are where Amish Hamburger Steaks got their start. Tender and juicy texture is achieved by combining ground beef with crumbled saltine crackers and milk. Layers of rich flavor are imparted by adding Italian herbs, onion powder, and garlic powder.

But the onions are the show-stopper here; they caramelize during cooking, releasing their inherent sweetness and enhancing the surrounding gravy with their divine aroma. The combination of the nicely browned hamburger steaks with the creamy onion soup sauce creates a taste symphony that will transport you to the comforting heart of Amish country as it dances on your palette.
German Hamburger Steaks with Onions and Gravy - an Amish Recipe

Substitute 2 pounds of ground beef

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