4-Ingredient Lemon Cream Cheese Dump Cake

We like any dessert that has lemon in it, and when it's so simple to whip together, we're even happier. All of our needs have been met by this dump cake with lemon cream cheese. A zesty, lemony taste? Please verify. How about cream cheese? Verify again. 
Something that takes no more than five ingredients and can be baked in under ten minutes. Check it again.
 Why wait any longer? This dessert is perfect at any time. Go through your food storage and gather all the ingredients we need.
There is a certain amount of skill involved in the addition of these four ingredients to your baking dish, even though they are essentially only added. First, coat the bottom of the dish with the lemon pie filling. Then, sprinkle half of the cake mix on top. The exciting part begins now; to ensure that your cake mix is evenly coated, cube the cream cheese and finely slice the butter.
After the pie filling is added, distribute the cream cheese cubes equally over the surface. Finally, sprinkle the leftover cake mix on top. Next, use your thinly sliced butter to cover the cake mix, covering most of it if not all of it, by spreading it out evenly over the top.
The next step is to place the baking dish in the oven. As the cake bakes, the melted butter will soak into the dry cake mix, adding moisture and enhancing the flavor. After it's baked, you'll get a sweet and sour dessert with cream cheese pockets that complement the lemon flavor. 
You best believe this stuff is truly, insanely amazing! If you've ever made dump cakes before, you'll know that you simply have to trust in the magic of the process.

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