You eat grapes all year round | The process that not everyone knows | It’s very good!


Ensure your jars are clean, sterilized, and completely dry. Gently pat the grapes dry with kitchen paper before placing them into the jars.

Add Sugar and Water: Distribute the sugar evenly among the jars, using about twenty grams per jar. Fill the jars with room temperature water, ensuring the grapes are completely submerged.

The Cooking Process: Seal the jars tightly and place them upside-down in a large pot. Fill the pot with water to about halfway up the jars and bring to a boil over a high flame. Once boiling, reduce the heat to medium and let the jars cook for fifteen minutes. Afterward, allow the jars to sit in the hot water for several hours to cool gradually.

Drying the Jars: After the jars have cooled, dry them thoroughly with a clean cloth. Place the jars upside-down on a table and let them rest for at least eight to ten hours, ensuring a proper seal.

Once completed, your grape preserves will be ready to enjoy at your leisure, lasting beautifully until the next grape harvest. This method is a fantastic way to extend the enjoyment of grapes, offering a delightful reminder of warmer days during any season. Whether as a sweet snack or a complement to various dishes, these preserved grapes are sure to be a hit.