The Ultimate Guide to Storing Onions: Winter Preparation for a 2-Year Shelf Life!


Selecting and storing onions correctly can significantly extend their shelf life, ensuring you have this essential culinary ingredient on hand whenever needed. By choosing the right varieties and following proper storage techniques, you can enjoy fresh onions for months or even up to two years. Here's how to select, prepare, and store onions to maximize their longevity and flavor.

Selecting the Right Onions
Opt for Hardy Varieties: For long-term storage, prioritize yellow or red onions due to their lower water content and firmer texture. These characteristics make them more durable over time compared to other types.

Preparing for Storage
Curing: Begin by curing your onions, whether freshly harvested or purchased. This process dries the outer layers, creating a protective seal. Lay the onions out in a single layer in a dry, airy space for about two weeks until the skins are papery and the necks are dry.

Inspection: Examine each onion for any signs of damage, softness, or mold. Only the firmest and unblemished onions should be stored for long-term use.

Storing the Onions

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