Scone of Lemon Sponge

Scone of Lemon Sponge

Things needed:
Delicious cake:

+/- A quarter cup of softened unsalted butter (plus a bit more for pan greasing)

- 2 cups of all-purpose flour (plus a touch extra for the baking dish!)

1/2 cup of sugar, granulated


- Four big eggs, held at room temperature

one-third cup of freshly squeezed lemon juice

1/4 teaspoon of lemon zest

-1 teaspoon of vanilla flavoring

baking powder, half a teaspoon


- one-half teaspoons of salt

Garnish with lemon juice:

- 1 cup of sugar that is powdered

- Juice from two teaspoons of lemon

Here are the steps: 1. Melt a little butter in a small saucepan and bring the oven temperature up to 350°F, or around 175°C. Got your 9 by 5 ready?


to make sure your cake turns out perfectly every time in an inch loaf pan.

2. Whip the sugar and softened butter until they are light and airy in a bowl fitted with an electric mixer.Step3: Gradually beat in the eggs,

being careful to include each one completely before moving on to the next.

Four, mix in the vanilla extract, lemon zest, and lemon juice.

The flour, baking powder, and salt should be combined in a separate basin. 5. Afterwards, delicately incorporate the butter and lemon juice.


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