Put a plastic bag on the broom, all housewives do this: except vacuum cleaners


Choosing the right broom is crucial for thorough cleaning, beyond the plastic bag technique. Brooms come with varying bristle types—soft or hard—each suited to different cleaning tasks. Hard bristles are great for sweeping up larger debris, but they might not capture all the dust. Soft bristles, while better for lighter debris, can stir up dust that settles back on furniture.

For those without a vacuum cleaner, an alternative is to follow up sweeping with an electrostatic cloth, which attracts and holds onto dust particles. Attaching these cloths to a flat, bristle-less broom enables cleaning in hard-to-reach places, like under furniture.

Combining Methods for Ultimate Cleanliness

While vacuum cleaners offer a solution to dust and debris, they come with their drawbacks: they're often heavy, loud, and their cords can limit reach. Cordless models alleviate some of these issues but may not be accessible to everyone. Post-sweeping, using electrostatic cloths can capture any remaining dust, ensuring a thorough clean.

Adopting a strategic approach—cleaning room by room and closing doors behind you—can prevent dust from spreading, keeping floors immaculate. Especially in high-traffic areas where food particles are common, daily sweeping can significantly contribute to a cleaner, healthier living space.

This innovative broom hack, coupled with strategic cleaning techniques, offers a simple yet effective way to keep your floors spotless, proving that sometimes, the best solutions are the most straightforward.