Pour this juicy sauce on pork shoulder in a slow cooker. You'll ditch the takeout menus for good

This dish takes me back to my go-to spot for Korean BBQ in the Big Apple. The bulgogi, a table-cooked meal of marinated pork, was my go-to. Even though I now reside in central Georgia, where there aren't many Korean eateries, this never fails to satisfy my needs. Use this recipe as a guide to whip up some delicious Asian-style pork.
With its combination of sweet, salty, and spicy flavors, this sauce is the ideal complement to the rich and delicate pork shoulder. Tossed with steamed broccoli or served over rice, this recipe is very mouthwatering. A sprinkling of toasted sesame seeds is another garnish that I enjoy adding.

Simmering Asian Pork Shoulder with Sweet and Spicy Seasonings

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