Never throw away this part of the banana: here’s why it’s popular at home


The trend stems from online videos advising the preservation of the banana's stiff end post-peeling. It's recommended to slice open the stem to expose the fibers within before sun-drying. After basking in sunlight for several hours, these fibers metamorphose into a potent aid for plant growth.

Direct Application: Packed with essential nutrients, these dried banana fibers can be directly mixed into potting soil or scattered atop flower beds. They serve as an outstanding natural fertilizer, providing plants with a holistic nourishment approach that combines hydration with the nutritious essence of banana fibers, fostering vigorous and healthy growth.

Eco-friendly Gardening: Embracing the entirety of the banana, especially the peels, champions a sustainable and eco-conscious gardening ethos. This method minimizes waste while offering a natural, cost-effective plant nourishment solution.

By unlocking the full potential of banana peels, specifically the stiff ends, gardening aficionados can take a step towards more sustainable and flourishing green spaces. It's a modest gesture with significant benefits for our plants and the planet, illustrating the power of rethinking what we consider waste.