My Hawaiian friend first showed me this recipe, and we've been eating it regularly since!

Put this recipe on paper.
Imagine biting into a succulent rib steak that has been smothered in a sticky, sugary sauce that has a tropical twist from a hefty portion of sliced pineapple. Even if you're stuck in the Midwest with a snowstorm, these Slow Cooker Hawaiian Ribs will make you feel like you're on a tropical paradise. The next time I'm in the mood for something unusual but still comforting, I adore making these ribs. Optimal aspect? I can get some work done or just kick back and relax while supper is almost ready thanks to the slow cooker.
Fluffy white rice, which soaks up all that wonderful sauce, and steamed broccoli or a refreshing bite from a green salad are my go-to sides to balance off the sweetness of Hawaiian ribs. To really immerse yourself in a tropical atmosphere, serve your ribs with a scoop of coconut rice and a few pieces of grilled pineapple.

Makes four to six dishes of slow-cooked Hawaiian ribs.

Here are the ingredients: two pounds of pork ribs, either spare or baby back ribs will do.
One cup of pineapple chunks, either fresh or from a can (drain before using the canned kind).
Use half a cup of barbecue sauce.

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