My mom has a tried-and-true recipe for these simple devil eggs. Any cuisine, festive gathering, or family meal would benefit from the inclusion of these eggs.

While boiling eggs is a breeze, not everyone has the same level of success in achieving a perfectly cooked egg with a golden yolk.

Carefully add the eggs all at once when the water has boiled. Get a basin of cold water and enough water to cover the eggs entirely while the eggs are cooking for 10 minutes.

Avoiding greening or discoloration of the yolk is achieved by taking this additional step. Step two, making the filling, may begin after the eggs have cooled to room temperature.

Filling devil's eggs: When preparing devil's eggs, texture is key. Nobody likes lumps of egg yolk, which might happen if the filling isn't perfect.

Once the eggs' yolks have been spooned out, crush and smooth them by mashing them.

To get the desired creamy smoothness, spread the mashed potatoes with mayonnaise and mustard.

* Things needed:

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