Learned this dish from my Amish friend, and it's absolutely divine Morgan Reed

American Amish settlements are the birthplace of the famous and hearty Morgan Reed Amish Country Casserole. Perfect for potlucks or family events, this tasty casserole is made with basic ingredients to provide a full and comfortable supper. This dish follows in the long-established tradition of Amish cooking by utilizing ingredients that are fresh and purchased locally. Let's make Amish Country Casserole and find out what all the fuss is about.
This Amish Country Casserole is best enjoyed as a main dish with a selection of textures and tastes that enhance it. To balance the heavy cream and melted cheese in the casserole, try serving it with a fresh green salad dressed with a tart vinaigrette or a combination of steamed veggies. To complement the flavorful casserole gravy, handmade biscuits or crusty toast can be offered as an accompaniment. To round up this satisfying and healthy dinner, have a glass of chilled lemonade or a hot cup of herbal tea.

How to Make an Amish Country Casserole:

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