I've never done this on a sheet pan before, but this recipe made me a convert!

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Is there anything cozier than a pan of hot scalloped potatoes with a golden, buttery crust? I really doubt it! Although scalloped potatoes have their roots in French cuisine, they have made their way into the hearts and kitchens of people all around the world. In the Midwest, we have added our own unique twist to this classic dish. In my opinion, there is no better comfort meal than this, whether you're craving something cheesy and creamy, are hosting a large family gathering, or are braving a chilly evening. We busy bees can cook it ahead of time and still have a warm, comfortable dinner without having to scramble at the last minute.
Serve these delicious potatoes with something simple but filling, such a steamed asparagus spear, a crunchy green salad to balance the richness, or roasted chicken to amp up the protein. To be honest, they go well with practically everything.

Scalloped potatoes cooked on a sheet pan yields 6-8 servings.

To make the potatoes, finely slice 2 pounds of Yukon Gold potatoes (approximately 1/8 inch thick).
• One cup of thick cream
one whole cup of milk

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